Reformi in Nahariya (Contributed by Sharon Mann):
    Kehillat Emet veShalom in Nahariya is one of the oldest Reform congregations in Israel. We serve a diverse mix of Jews from around the world, including North America, Europe, Russia, Argentina, and native Israelis.  At Emet veShalom we all join together in a vibrant community, sharing the best Israel has to offer. 
          This is an exciting time for Emet VeShalom as Rabbi Israel Horowitz, who made aliyah to Israel in 2003 from Argentina and settled in Nahariya, has enabled the expansion of our religious and social programming to serve a varied  population from Nahariya, the Western Galilee and even from as far away as Tzfat. People of all ages and backgrounds take part in our religious services, community programs and activities. Rabbi Horowitz’s background as a cantor and his musical abilities enrich our services which are spirited and filled with song.
          Emet VeShalom runs programs for diverse sections of the local community - native Israelis as well as English and Spanish speaking immigrants long established in the community, and new immigrants from English speaking countries, South America and Russia. We are happy to be able to provide a channel for socialization and the acquisition of Jewish and Israeli values in a relaxed and enjoyable framework; our community helps bridge the culture gap between various groups that call this area their home.
            In 2007 we moved into our present home at 108 Weizman Street and now have a regular place to meet, learn and form community in a building that is accessible to all. Emet VeShalom  offers a variety of  adult community activities and classes (in several languages), bar/bat mitzvah preparation and services, youth activities, social events, art and leisure activities, counseling sessions and more such that over a hundred non-members are also participating in community activities. 
            We hold lectures in English that are open to the entire English speaking community; Emet VeShalom is the only Nahariya organization offering such programs. The Good Film Club shows films of interest on Jewish or Israeli topics. 108 Weizman Street is in use every day of the week for activities and programs; our congregants and friends enjoy the opportunities to join together for holiday celebrations and lifecycle events.
            Social Justice and Tikkun Olam are important to us at Emet VeShalom; we are known for our contribution to the Nahariya community.  Some Social Justice projects are conducted in cooperation with the Municipality of Nahariya, some with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (with which we are affiliated) and some are organized solely within our congregation. Some projects are achieved as a community, while others require the participation of individual volunteers acting as representatives of Emet veShalom. For example, we continue to work and publicize the effort to free captured soldier Gilad Shalit.  With all of Israel and the Jewish people, we count the number of days that Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has spent in captivity and we pray for his immediate release.
            We love to welcome visitors from abroad and enjoy the relationships that are forged with Overseas Members and congregations; these relationships help strengthen Jewish identity in Israel and abroad and our lives are enriched through the exchange.
            Emet VeShalom is an egalitarian Reform synagogue that offers northern Israel a place to express Jewish religious and spiritual identity in an open warm inclusive environment.  Both women and men, daughters and sons, have a place to celebrate life cycle events on an equal basis and share in a complete and equal religious life.
            When you visit Nahariya, and if you decide to call Nahariya your home, we invite you to join us for services or programs and experience the variety of spiritual, social and cultural activities from which our members and community residents enjoy and learn.
            We hope that your piece of Israel will include the community of Emet veShalom in Nahariya. If you would like to learn more about Emet VeShalom’s services, programs and activities please do not hesitate to contact me. Rabbi Horowitz and Emet VeShalom’s members look forward to welcoming you to our congregation.
    Sharon Mann
    International Liaison
    Kehillat Emet veShalom Nahariya Israel
    Kehillat Emet VeShalom Nahariya Israel